A Value As Solid As Our Name

Door Size Options & Specifications

O.A. DimensionFace Dimension
Stile Size1/0 - 1/42-1/4"1-7/8"
 1/63-1/4" or 4-1/2"2-7/8" or 4-1/8"
 1/8 - 3/04-1/2"4-1/8"
 Bifold Units2-1/8"1-3/4"
Top Rail 4-3/8"4"
Lock 7-1/2"6-3/4"
Cross 4-1/2" 3-3/4"
Bottom 8-7/8"8-1/2"
Panel Thickness
 Raised1-1/16"Ovalo Sticking
 Flat5/8"Qtr Round or Square

Note: For Square Sticking specifications refer to "Overall Dimensions" column.

Raised Panel with Ovalo Sticking
Flat Panel with Square Sticking
Flat Panel with Quarter Round Sticking

A Value As Solid As Our Name

At Appalachian Door our standard is excellence. Every hardwood panel door we sell has been painstakingly constructed, sanded and inspected by skilled and experienced craftsmen. The result? A product you can trust for superior fit, finish and overall quality made in America.